Need a shipment while staying with us?

In the Bahamas and you need that spare part sent quickly? Please keep reading…

We at the Nassau Yacht Haven try and assist our guests, both local and visitors alike, in helping make their boating needs as effortless as possible.

One particular issue we see arising from time to time is when someone needs a small part, usually for a small engine, electrical issue or computer part, having their item arrive via FedEx, DHL or UPS in a timely matter—only to have it sit in Customs. We have seen several times where the only reason this happens is that the package was addressed in such a way that it gets flagged by Customs. 

For this reason, we felt it was important to write what we were just informed by one of the shipment carriers as the best way to address any items for our visiting boating guests. This is only a recommendation to avoid any unnecessary delays—NOT a guarantee:

Your Boats Name/Your name (customer name)

c/o Nassau Yacht Haven

70 East Bay Street

Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

242 393 8173

It is vitally important that you put your Boats Name and your name FIRST and that the item is only IN CARE OF the marina, as it is your temporary address.  If you address it to the marina, Customs will take it that the package is for the marina—not a customer.  Once again, this is not a guarantee that no delays will occur. But it is pretty clear that the item in question is for a guest, not the business, when an item is addressed in such a manner.

Our sincere hope is that you don’t require any packages due to equipment emergencies, breakdowns or otherwise. We only wish you smooth and safe travels!