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The Nassau Yacht Haven has always been in the center of Hollywood and film making production in the capital of the Bahamas. It all started with the filming of ABC’s Wet Gold starring Brooke Shields and Burgess Meredith in 1984 on property. To now in 2018 accommodating both NZK Productions and BBC Studios’ producing an episode of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bermuda Triangle Enigma” within weeks of each other.

The marina which was home to and docked the ferry in the Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood’s 1996 Adventure of Flipper was a home base for Universal Pictures during the filming of these water based scenes. As well, it has provided some “Bond, James Bond” establishing shots of Nassau for Columbia Pictures and MGM’s Casino Royale in 2006.

Being the most historic and authentic marina in the Bahamas, we always welcome film productions to our property for those wishing to show a true cinematic look into Bahamian life, boating, and culture in the heart of the capital.

The Marina itself has either been used in production or entered into talks with nearly half of all major motion pictures (Full Length Films) to have ever been filmed in Nassau. Something we are extremely proud of!

We now request certain time notifications in advance with filming inquiries. This is due to complications that arose during negotiations which fell through in the early to mid 2000’s on two very large scale productions due to size mixed with time restraints. For smaller scale productions simply looking to request access to the use of parts of the property either for filming or lighter production use, please contact us no later than 3 days before intended start date. For larger projects looking to shutdown the whole or part of the property for production, we ask for you to contact us no later than 2 month before the intended start date. Acceptations past this deadline may be made, however, the prior notification and ultimate satisfaction of our own guests is an upmost priority of ours. Thank you.



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