Easter Holiday Weekend


As we have the Easter Holiday weekend fast approaching, it seems a good time to remind our guests of a few important things to know while visiting in the Bahamas over holidays. For many who are return visitors, you know how the holidays go here.  For those visiting for the first time, please keep in mind that even though this is a nation that embraces tourism, most services and shops that you are used to being open during holidays in your homeland, are usually closed on holidays in the Bahamas.

This means you need to be sure to stock up on your grocery needs, check your liquor cabinet and coolers, fill your gas tanks (both for motors and cooking), check your prescriptions and make sure you have any gear, tools or clothing you will need for your weekend activities. A visit to the ATM or bank of your choice is probably a good idea as well as the banks are closed over weekends as a rule and being sandwiched by two holidays means 4 days of no banks. 

Most stores, service establishments, garages, many restaurants and bars will either be closed Friday and Monday and/or have very limited hours over the holiday weekend. The larger resorts and hotels should operate as usual. Be sure to check in advance before you venture off and are disappointed.

We at the Nassau Yacht Haven Dock Masters Office will be open regular business hours to accommodate our guests. 

The Poop Deck Restaurant and Bar will be closed on Good Friday but they will be open the rest of the weekend. 

Bahama Divers will be closing one hour earlier than normal hours on both Good Friday and Easter Monday, but they will be open most of the day.

Easter Sunrise worship services can usually be found throughout all the islands. Churches will be open for business as usual and we can’t think of any that would not welcome any visitors and worshipers. If you are looking for a certain denomination, we are happy to assist.


The Bahamas will not have another public holiday until June. Please check out our blog very soon to read up on upcoming public holidays in the Bahamas. We will not only let you know when they are, but also give you a little insight into why they are celebrated and what you can expect if you are celebrating them with us. We encourage you to follow our blog at Nassauyachthaven.com where we try to keep you current with events, regulations, and information and happening in Nassau and the Family Islands to make your stay with us and even better one. 

Nassau Yacht Haven