Your Adventure Awaits...Continued

We are happy you are here-or looking at visiting us soon- at the Nassau Yacht Haven. We hope you already know we have most everything nearby to provision your boat for both your stay and your ongoing journey. But for exploring the area, and to have a little fun, we wanted to just let you know about a few more places that might not be splashed about in big ads or billboards but are nearby. If you are looking for something to do while here, you might want to these check out.

In a previous blog, we mentioned Montague Beach, Fishermans Dock, Potters Cay and Bahama Hand Prints. In this article, we want to tell you about a few gems along Village Road. Village Road is to our east. As you leave our gates, and you follow Bay Street until you reach the first traffic light (also where the traffic starts flowing 2 ways again on Bay Street), there you will take a right. (You will have passed Montague Beach, and on the right, where there are now tall financial centers, this was the site of the old Montague Beach Hotel.)

You will shortly reach another traffic light, and you go straight.

At the top of the hill, on your right, is a wonderful property which houses Doongalik Gallery, The Craft Cottage and The Place For Art. If you like local fine art as well as local crafts, this is a must see stop. The exterior gardens and the buildings are beautiful old Bahamian gems. In the first building is the Doongalik Gallery. This gallery is run by a wonderful Bahamian woman, Pam Burnside. Some call her WonderWoman as she does so much for so many. Pam opens the gallery M-W 10-3, but sometimes you can find her there Saturdays, at odd hours or by chance. Pam has a wealth of knowledge, insight and background of Bahamian art and artists she willingly shares and that few can rival.

Doongalik Gallery features work by local artists, as well as books and items of interest. She also hosts many art shows, which we will try and share on our social media if guests express interest in attending local art events.

The Craft Cottage is also on site and features a vast collection of everything Bahamian made. You can find socks to salt, jellies and jams, jewelry to junkanoo items. Windchimes, shoes, purses, art-seriously a little bit of everything, and ALL Bahamian made. No fake Chinese made stuff allowed.

If you have bought a print or painting and need it framed, The Place For Art should be your next stop. Located near the back of the property, they will help you find the perfect finish for your purchase. Helpful, experienced and with a selection of photos and prints on hand, they do a great job. This is also where you will find the amazingly talented Kim Smith. Kim is a coloured pencil artist whose work is so detailed and precise, you would swear it isn’t pencil. He is also very generous with his expertise and talents—you will usually find him coaching some new talent on site. Ask to see some of his work—you will be amazed!

When you leave this property, take a right onto Village Road. Remember traffic is on the left-hand side, so be careful crossing the street. A short distance down on the left-hand side is The Retreat. You can’t miss the beautiful, dramatic metal gates dripping with metallic sea grape leaves (And it is directly across from Queens College or QC as the locals refer to it). The Retreat is operated by the BNT or Bahamas National Trust and is a part of their National Park system. The house onsite is historic, but it is the grounds that are the real treat. Rare and exotic plants thrive here in this protected oasis. The BNT occasionally holds events here, which we will post on our social media, but it is worth the nominal fee they charge to explore the gardens. Just knock on the door and someone will give you the lay of the land.

Once again, these are just some suggestions we have that are near the Nassau Yacht Haven. As always, we advise you take precautions and use good common sense when traveling around Nassau. Always look both ways before crossing any street and remember we drive on the left-hand side of the road here in the Bahamas. If renting a car, moped or motor scooter, be very careful and yes, Keep Left. Use a licensed taxi if you need a ride—there is no Uber or Lyft here yet.

Most importantly, have fun exploring some hidden gems in our capitol city of Nassau. Check in with us soon for more local recommendations on things to do while here.