Welcome to Nassau! Your adventure awaits.

Welcome to Nassau! We are happy you have decided to stay with us at the Nassau Yacht Haven. By doing so, you are already close to many of the necessities you need for your stay and your journey. We have a wonderful food store nearby, along with pharmacies, liquor stores, banks, clothing and sports stores, marine supplies, and much, much more.

But did you know there are also many fun places to visit nearby our location? If you are looking for a little adventure for an hour or so, or for the day, we can recommend several ways to do so.

For starters, there is a beautiful public beach nearby to the east of us. Montague Beach. As you travel east on Bay Street (the ONLY way since it is a one-way street along here), it is just past the Nassau Yacht Club with its bright red sail boat out front. There is also a fort, Fort Montague, that has stood there for many centuries. It is the smallest of all the forts that were built in the capitol. It is open to the public for a small fee. The beach itself is very nice and there is no charge to visit it. It is also popular with the locals, especially on weekends and during holidays, so if you don’t like crowds, try to avoid it during those periods. There are food and drink vendors that do set up shop along the shore, but be aware, they can vary and so can their hours and fare.

If you walk just a wee bit further up the shore, you will arrive at the Nassau Sailing Club. Just before it is an open fish market where fishermen gather to sell their catch of the day. It can be busy (and smelly!) but you can find fresh seafood to take back and prepare. If you visit later in the day, you will see locals pull up in their cars to purchase something for dinner. The Sailing Club is private, and this is also where Bay Street becomes a two-way thoroughfare, so if you are driving or riding a moped, be aware.

If you decided to go out our gate and head in the other direction along Bay Street, we are a short walk to Potters Cay. Potters Cay is located directly under the first (and original) bridge to Paradise Island. It has long been a gathering place for locals to eat, buy fresh produce, have a cold one and slap down some dominos. It has been featured in many guides, television shows and articles as a place to experience while here. Sometimes it is quiet, sometimes quite lively—always an adventure.

For an adventure of a different sort, from the bridge, walk along Mackey Street one block and take a left. You will see a large warehouse sitting in the southeast corner-directly across from the government building. It houses Bahama Hand Prints. The side will be open, and you will hear the printing presses going. There is a nice boutique in the front, and while it is open during the week (10-4 M-F/10-2 Saturday) they will allow you to see how they are still hand printing beautiful local fabrics by hand. The boutique features readymade items and fabric you can buy by the yard. Really interesting to see how they do this and they are happy to share the experience with you. Just ask.

These are just some suggestions we have that are near the Nassau Yacht Haven. As always, we advise you take precautions and use good common sense when traveling around Nassau. Always look both ways before crossing any street and remember we drive on the left-hand side of the road here in the Bahamas. If renting a car, moped or motor scooter, be very careful and yes, Keep Left. Use a licensed taxi if you need a ride—there is no Uber or Lyft here yet.

Most importantly, have fun exploring our capitol city of Nassau. Check in with us soon for more local recommendations on things to do while here.

Tyler Roberts